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Raising voice for environmental literacy……fighting to save earth

We have talked lot about environmental issues and now the time has come when we need to come forward and take active action to protect, conserve and restore our environment. Walldrof is well aware about its responsibilities towards environment. We are making strides to conserve energy and better our environment. We work differently and we use our resources sustainably. Our ways have enabled us to save energy along with generating awareness among others.  We have been clear about our role in generating awareness not only among our partners and Industry co-players, but also in society.

GREEN WALLDROF is a voluntary group organized by walldrof in different part of the global. Our employees along with common people organize visits to different schools, colleges, Institutions and other establishments to generate awareness among them about their significant role in environment conservation.

Our Volunteers also organize various gatherings to discuss important environment related issues. Our volunteers have changed their way of life and search all possible methods to go green.
Walldrof sends its arousing messages to around 2 lacs people every day which is targeted to be 10 million very soon..

Presently Green Walldrof has 240 volunteers who give us moral support to further consolidate our efforts.

We wish to have your participation and we hope to move forward in our mission with your great knowledge and tremendous energy.

We would like to make one thing very loud & clear that we seek no monetary support from you.

Our volunteers can contribute in either of the following ways:

1. By participating in various schools, colleges & Instutional level workshops organized by walldrof. There they shall be informing young India about their role and responsibility towards the Earth.

2. Can also contribute by organizing very simple social gathering of any number of people to share common but forgotten things .i.e. benefits of keeping Tulsi plant at home.

3. By forwarding our regular mails to maximum number of people.

4. May provide us email ids of others so that they can be approached to become part of our global campaign.

5. Writing on any environment related topic which we would send to lacs of people across the globe.
6. Sending us videos of various small or big steps taken by them for environmental conservation.

To Join…send us
1. Your recent photograph
2. What do you do (company & designation)
3. Contact number
4. How would you like to contribute?




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