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“Waste paper reuse and recycling not only saves environment but also reduces costs”

India has emerged as the fastest growing paper market in the world showing a 10 per cent growth in per capita paper consumption. From 7.5 kg per capita consumption in 2007-08, the figure has gone up to 8.3 kg.

Waste paper reuse and recycling not only saves the environment, but also reduces costs
India produces around 15 million tones of waste paper every year and the recovery of waste paper in India is low at 26% compared as compare to Germany (80%), Sweden (69%),Japan (60%),USA (49%),Thailand (45% ) and China at 38%. Low recovery is on account of alternate use of paper in wrapping, packing, etc. Lack of source segregation results in waste paper getting contaminated and becoming unusable!

“Presently around 50% of industry’s requirement of waste paper is met through import which is on increase. Country needs more and more people coming forward to facilitate collection, sorting and grading system of waste paper for proper utilization. We have just taken first step, we need to do lot more and we are committed to that”.
(Awadhesh Kumar, CEO)

Obviously, there are significant opportunities hidden for paper recovery and recycling.

As per projected demand for paper in India, country would need around 15 MT of paper by 2015. Waste Paper recycling is a great option for our country as it helps us to meet our global environmental commitments as well as reduces costs significantly. If we were to reach China’s current level of recovery, then we should be recovering 5.7 million tones of waste paper for reuse by then.

Walldrof has launched its Waste Management Program with aim to recover around 0.1MT during 2009.Company has also decided to plant one lakh trees during July –August 2009.



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