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  industry focus
The business and economy section provide a clear picture upon different industries in India. The performance of the Indian industries is better in the global fields. Adoption of the new economic policies has thrown the Indian industries in to the ocean of competition. Some of the industries have reflected their respective competency and some others have failed.

Since independence, India has achieved a good measure of self-sufficiency in manufacturing a variety of basic and capital goods. The output of the major industries includes aircraft, ships, cars, locomotives, heavy electrical machinery, construction equipment, power generation and transmission equipment, chemicals, precision instruments, communication equipment and computers. Early planners in free India had to keep in mind two aims: all-round development and generation of large-scale job opportunities. Economic development strategies were evolved with an eye on these twin objectives.
New International Economic Order

As a responsible and progressive member of the international community, India is continuing her untiring efforts to bring about a constructive dialogue between the developed and developing countries in their quest for a cooperative approach towards a new International Economic Order. India is convinced that the establishment of an equitable International Economic Order involving structural and other, change is the only answer to the various economic ills and problems of development confronting the world today.

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