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Looking for professional and eye-catchy brochure design in this technological era? You've searched so far but are still not satisfied? Walldrof knows exactly what you need. Get fully corporational looks with our brochure designing services.
E-brochure is an extremely effective means of getting a company noticed. E-brochures allow the owner of the brochure to send out unlimited numbers of e-brochures to different clients in seconds but it may not stop there as clients that receive the brochure may duplicate the e-brochure by emailing the file to another potential customer.
There is no end to the amount of e-brochures that you or your customers can have or create, as opposed to the traditional paper brochures that are sent out to clients to browse. Printed brochures can get worn and are unlikely to be passed on, along with the fact that clients that have received printed brochures only have one which they cannot duplicate and pass on to other potential customers as you can do with e-brochures.
  Feedback Forms: Obtain instant feedback from your readers / customers.
  Animations: Bring the e-brochure to life with animations.
  Sounds: Bring the e-brochure to life with sounds.
  Email: Email entire e-brochure to a friend / client or send an enquiry email directly to the Company.
  Modern: An e-brochure will give a company an innovative 21st Century presence.
  Link to website: An extra avenue of marketing and providing readers with additional information. presence.
  Printable: Users can print the brochure
  Content Protection: users can’t copy and paste the contents of the brochure.
  Cost-effective and high quality end products.
  Two custom designs to choose from (more if you need them).
  Custom designs — including embossing, die cuts, and unique folds.
  Highly timeliness service.
  We work on your brochure till you are 100% satisfied.
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