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walldrof campus program

We work with colleges to make their Curriculum & Training really relevant to industries.

We work with three different but closely related groups…

Walldrof Campus is Industry oriented agenda and involves seminars, conferences & workshops. We meticulously select topics and put best efforts to expose our colleges to highly relevant and practical issues. Over the period of time, we have noticed that most of colleges are being run on conventional lines and there curriculums are not really delivering industry oriented resources. We have come across with such incidences where certain colleges took initial steps but failed due to wide rift between educational institutions and industries.

Though we do not believe in standard topics and always pursue evolving approach, walldrof, under its campus program, organizes workshops on following topics:

Foundation Program: This is two days program designed and developed to provide basic information about organizational functioning. It involves those key issues which are normally missing in college curriculums or never stressed. Program helps individuals to think and understand certain very basic but extremely important principles of organizational functioning. 

Soft Skills:
I has been found and proved by some of the best research organization like the Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation that 75% of long term job success depended on people skills and only 25% on technical skills.
This is equally correct for other levels as well. Our workshops help you understand the need of appropriate soft skills. We sow seeds of ever ending growth and improvement.

Trainer Training Program:
Our Program aspires to bring revolutionary changes in the educational methodologies. We train faculty members and expose them to the walldrof way of professional training.
Our trainer program will help you to transition from conventional lecture-based, instructor-centered training to a dynamic, participant-centered, multi-sensory learning format that has been proven to dramatically accelerate acquisition of knowledge and skills among learners.

Young Researcher:
Many organizations are stuck in their standard mode of operation. They strive to make the existing model work better and don’t spend time looking for a better model, a better way of doing things. Our Research Lab works on continuous improvement and we invite talented students, who have innovative IT ideas, to work in our research lab. This program is to give them opportunity to develop their true potential.

Join us ! Mail us at campus@walldrof.com



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